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Agent Premium now only $19.99 / month

Homing In Premium
Homing In Premium now only $19.99/mo

You’re probably wondering why we would lower Premium from $99/mo to $19.99/mo, when every day homeowners all across the US and Australia are using our service to get an agent-sourced home value?

We decided that in order to provide the best service for homeowners, we needed the most agents providing home values, so we decided to slash the price for agents, without reducing the Premium member package.

Agents will still have access to unlimited zip codes in their service area, still have the custom home value site, where all leads are exclusively theirs, and still be able to send messages directly to homeowners.  There will eventually be a $99/mo option that will include marketing toward homeowners directly in the service area of the Premium agent to drive them to their agent site.  That is something we are working on, and will likely roll out in the summer of 2019.  We want to make sure that agents are seeing the value of being the 1st agent to interact with a potential home seller and start to build that relationship.

In the future we will have a way for automated marketing to be sent to people who submit home values, so that homeowners are constantly reminded who the agent was that provided their home value.  We will also have a function that reminds the agent to update the value, and a let the homeowner know the agent is “keeping an eye” on their house.

Remember that Premium is billed monthly, and can be canceled at any time by just emailing us before your next billing date.

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Todd Miller 29 Dec 2018