What's my home worth?

Who doesn’t like free real estate leads?

How can something of value be free?

It can’t.

But if you’re giving something of value back, its not free, but a fair trade.

That’s how Homing In gives free leads to real estate agents.  They give something of value back.  A potential sales value to a homeowner.

No sign-up fees, no monthly fee, no referral fees, no fees at all.  Just provide home values back to homeowner and possibly end up with a listing.  In any case, its an opportunity to get in front of an actual homeowner and show them that you understand your local real estate market.

There is a Premium feature that provide an exclusive lead generating website, homeowner messaging, and other great features, but there is no obligation to ever pay.

Every day homeowners all over the US (as well as Canada and Australia) want to know their homes value, and they use a variety of sources.  Unfortunately, 99% of them are automated values, and the ones that aren’t are just lead capture webpages that force a homeowner to give up all their contact information and not get anything of value in return.  The problem with these types of websites long term is that they will lose their effectiveness because people are smart and they are learning that they are a waste of time.

We don’t sell leads.  We put real estate agents in front of homeowners who just want to know what the value of their home is worth.  Some of them will sell soon, and some will sell later.  And they’ll end up picking the agent that has provided them with the most value.

Which is why we built Homing In.

Todd Miller 16 Feb 2017