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Homing In – Premium Agent

Premium agents using Homing In get a number of enhancements that allow the agent to not only have more visibility with homeowners, but to also have a better chance of converting them from online contact to potential listing.  There are 3 major things that agents have told us they want:  Higher placement among other agents, ability to communicate directly with the homeowner, and exclusive leads that other agents can’t respond to.

Higher Placement

The most obvious feature is that Premium agents show up at the top of the responses, regardless of when they responded.  Since we know that homeowners are mostly just interested in the values themselves, the likelyhood that they will click on every agent and read every response diminishes as they go down the list.

Send messages to homeowners.

Premium agents have unlimited ability to message with all homeowners.  This is a good way to keep the conversation moving, and keep the homeowner engaged.  When a message is sent by an agent or homeowner, the other party gets an email alerting them that there is a communication in the portal.  It is completely acceptable for the agent to ask for the homeowner’s phone and or email and communicate with them directly offline.  This allows a safe space for the homeowner to get in touch with an agent in a pressure-free scenario for them.

Exclusive leads

A major feature of Premium is the ability for agents to have their own custom website that looks just like the main site, but all leads that come into that site that are in the agent’s service area will only go to that Premium agent, and no other agents.  That is, of course, the Premium Agent doesn’t respond within 72 hours.  The URL can be put in your email signature, posted on your website, or shared on Facebook or other social media sites.

Whenever a homeowner enters the site through the Premium Agent Custom URL – all leads that are within that agent’s service area will only be able to be seen or responded to by the Premium agent that the link is tied to.  The link can be customized as above to fit in with a geographic market.  Also if you already have your own URL you can point that URL at your custom one or you can buy a URL from GoDaddy, etc and use that one.


Todd Miller 20 Jan 2017