What's my home worth?

What do the Realtors see when I submit my information?

Real estate agents will see the following information.  Address, pictures you submitted, notes you submitted.  The above picture is a sample from the agent dashboard and shows what the agent sees and how they respond to homeowners.  What agents will never see is your email address.  That is only used by Homing In to notify you as new estimates are submitted by agents.

Of course the more information that a homeowner supplies the more accurate the information will be.  If a homeowner knows the tax records are incorrect, this would be a good place to note that, because agents will be using the tax records and their local MLS to find comparable properties to determine a value.

Having completed over 1,500 home value requests from homeowners, and compared every single one of them with automated valuation sites like Zillow, etc we have found that our agents are 3 to 4 times more accurate than an automated valuations.  So if your Zestimate is 10% off, the agents will generally be within 2-3% of what a buyer would likely pay.

Its easy to submit a home value request.  You can either create a free account, or if you want to stay anonymous we will ask you for an email address at the end of the process so we can email you the unique link to view the real estate agents responses.

Todd Miller 12 Jan 2017