What's my home worth?

Home Values Down Under

They use Homing In in the “Land Down Under”?  Yes they do!

After being a guest on Kevin Turner’s Real Estate Talk, an Australian Podcast for both real estate agents and investors, Australia became the largest users of Homing in, on a per capita basis, almost overnight.   With hundreds of real estate agents signed up and numerous home values being requested, the true power of what we had built was coming into play.  A marketplace for agents and homeowners to talk about their homes together in a professional and mostly autonomous environment, mostly because that’s what the homeowner seeks.

The absence of Zillow and other automated home valuation websites in Australia, means homeowners have no way to find about about their home’s value, other than an appraisal or physically contacting a real estate agent.

One of the most surprising things about see home value requests being submitted from Australia wasn’t that they were using the app/website, but the names of the cities/towns in Australia.  Places like Wollongong, Moorabbin, Langwarrin, and Warrnambool.  They also have a St Andrews and Beverly Hills!

Anyway we’d like to thank all the Aussies that have used Homing In as well as the agent’s “down under” who have helped them with their real estate questions.

Todd Miller 10 Oct 2016