What's my home worth?

San Diego Startup Week Winners!

Homing In was proud to be named San Diego Startup Week winners of the idea pitch competition.  It was a very competitive field with an array of other startups in fields like a dating app, airport food startup, drone startup, and a couple dozen other exciting idea from founders from all over the US.

What was more interesting was that after being selected as a Top 10 finalist, my co-founders, Oana and Kristian and I, were given a strict set of guidelines to follow for the pitch competition.  We had to do it in a very specific way and we were told we were being graded on following the format.

We decided to actually NOT follow the instructions.  After all, startup founders are usually doing what we do because of our creativity, and not because we follow dogma.  If everyone followed all the rules all the time, the world would be a pretty boring place.

So instead, we decided to explain how Homing In works by doing a role play.  Kristian and I stood on opposite sides of the stage and told our story.  I told the story of being a homeowner and all the hassles I go through trying to figure out home much my home is worth.  Kristian told his story of what its like being a real estate agent and how he has all the knowledge, but he just didn’t have time to stop by every house to see what it might be worth.

After our pitch was done, as we exited the stage, virtually every other founder who was presented told us they loved what we did.  They said they had never seen anything like it.  What’s even more amazing is that it was almost 100% ad-libbed.  I told Kristian the general outline and I would start off and he would have to follow my lead.  We ran through it about 3-4 times really quick (each time we did, it was different) and Oana watched and gave us some invaluable feedback.

Fortunately Oana was there to film the entire thing.

Here is our winning pitch.

Todd Miller 12 Aug 2016