What's my home worth?

Homing In – What’s my home worth?

Welcome to the Homing In blog.  Our mission is not only to give homeowners accurate home values, but to help them understand how their home is unique and that no algorithm, computer, or website can give them an accurate home value without using an actual human being in the process.  Homing In does just that.

We give homeowners accurate home values and in the process introduce them to real estate agents who are experts in their local markets.  Even if a person isn’t selling their home, our agents are happy to provide their market expertise and let homeowners know what a buyer might pay for their home.

For the best user experience homeowners should give as much detail as possible about their home.  This includes pictures, notes, and any data that a person feels gives their home value.  As of the writing of this blog, the most pictures taken by a homeowner is 16.  That’s certainly enough to make a good determination and we’ve had homeowners write very thorough reviews about the features and upgrades in their homes.

Homing In can be used nationwide (as well as in Australia and Canada).  We have mobile apps for iPhone and iPad, Android, and of course our website.

Todd Miller 21 Jul 2016